Vortio automates the process of analyzing social media big data and delivers insights automatically

Instant Insights

Our technology does all the hard work, so that you can concentrate on your strategy

Find out the trending conversations, key influencers and metrics about anything you decide to track much faster than with any other tool


Instant Insights

Be the first to know any trending story about any subject

Save time and money

Generate a comprehensive report in minutes instead of days

Sentiment Measurement

Clusters scoring builds a consistent sentiment metric

Meet The Founders

We are here to help you do your job faster and better

  • Braulio Medina

    Mathematician and CEO

  • Dúlio Matos

    Electronic Engineer and CIO

  • "Marketers need analysis to make decisions. Vortio proposes a combination of several unique features. From our point of view, especially attractive is the automatic segmentation and visualization on memes. I am sure it can help in the strategic planning of social media activities for different brands. "

    Norbert Kilen -

  • "Braulio and his team at Vortio do a superb job of social media analytics. Their dedication to help social causes and their professional attitude supports our work at Culture2 immensely."

    Lazlo Karafiayh -

  • “Vortio has a unique approach that automatically processes huge amounts of social media data which leads to a much faster and quicker analysis.”

    James Endersby -

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